Monthly Calendar ~

Everyone wants an online calendar. A place to hold all of the important events, games, fundraisers and the like coming up or happening soon. So after some experimenting we think we have hit on a solution.  But to discover the solution for yourself you will need to go check out our always updating website.  Click the link for the calendar and you’re there.  We’re adding events on an ongoing basis. To start to make sense of all the great events going on in Scituate on a monthly basis.
School and PTO events, sporting events, fundraisers, charity runs / walks, Church events, Happenings at the Foodbank, restaurant events and tastings, even townwide happenings. We’ll try and add links to parking, traffic info. And everything that pertains to each event.
This is what makes our town special.

Help us to help u. If you’ve got an upcoming event please share it with us on the site. Its easy, just complete the form, add all the pertinent info and click submit.  Bing bang boom, easy. Or as an alternative If you  want us to post it for you, drop us a note and we’ll add your event to the monthly list. Just remember this alternative takes longer to complete. If you drop the completed form in via submission it loads faster.

Stop by and checkout our sister facebook group Scituate Monthly ~ Our Town. A facebook group. Everything happening on a daily basis.

Thanks for stopping in and we look forward to filling in the calendar!


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