Scituate Monthly eNewsletter – Restarting Mid Fall 2018 

Yes, the summer is almost over, it’s time to get back on track.  Yes, we needed to revise our enewsletter start date, things ( boating, the beach, the mountains, hiking, travel, the spit, skiing (huh) did we say skiing? ) just kept getting in the way.  Earning a living has a way of intruding into the free time hobby’s that we like to work on.  So with that said, we’ll be deploying via email our new revised Scituate Monthly newsletter now aptly named The Scituate Spark. We’ll crank it up mid Sept. Our list has blossomed to over 373 people who will reap the rewards. Read (discounts and other cool stuff).  So the reason for the new name, The Scituate Spark. We asked around at a couple local restaurants, the Spit everyone liked the name. We’re going with it.

You can also follow The Spark on Facebook. It’s setup as a page.  More to follow on the page, check it out.

Also we’ve closed the door on new folks joining until Dec 2018. Because you folks are the test pilots. We’ll see how we do over the next couple months. Then we’ll re-open for to the general public come Jan. For all those that have signed up through 2018 your status will remain as Free. Anyone new will not receive the remaining 2018 newsletters, only you will.   Enjoy!

The reasons for the enewsletter in case you missed them. I’ve always discussed bringing longer form articles to our readers. FB is only 30 seconds of time, then its over. Posts move on or get buried by new posts.  Many of these posts change in an instant. So with longer form you either produce similar to a blog,  or a webpage.

We like the enewsletter format. Unlike print media, which takes forever (really only a week or so) get the stories, write the ideas, proof them, typeset or prepress, historical, new or buy images, layout, insert, redesign, submit for approval, gain approval or not, double check layout. Then finally go to print. Hopefully printing goes smoothly, which usually never happens. Remember we said 1 week. Then cut, review, stack, review, tag, move to staging, band and ship. Add a day or 2 here.  So with  our enewsletter  when news happens we can jump right on it. Pull out the laptop and start writing. Discuss new discounts with local business. Everyone is happy.

Our enewsletter just like our (FB) group will always be a 2 way street. See something that you want to comment on? Please do. Input from the audience only strengthens our membership. And for the time being you are it.

So why an enewsletter you might ask again?  Here’s the rest of the back story.  We asked around town for comments on the idea of a local enewsletter since the beginning of last summer, we’ve discussed the merits, the pros & cons at backyard parties, block parties, at a band concert, a wedding, at the Spit, at multiple restaurants and really in-depth chair to chair discussions at Rocco’s and of course Riva. Our conclusion from most everyone was only positive. Especially when we mentioned the local area discounts. It seems everyone loves a good discount.

Plus they said to keep it short with only usable content, not a lot of fluff. Add some local color images. No heavy advertising. That’s exactly our thinking too. Yes there may be a few ads sprinkled in. Need to pay for the service platform of course and a little beer money. Any extra money (ha ha) will be donated at 25% to the Scituate Animal Shelter. We love animals too you know.

So what else are we thinking? Recently we’ve been posting on (fb) about shopping local.  We all shop local, right?

Well now might be the time for you to really Shop Local. Why? Some of our local merchants are joining Scituate Monthly to offer some sweet discounts only for our readers. On a monthly basis you’ll receive our enewsletter containing specific products, services or my favorite, pizza and coffee served up with an excellent discount. To collect you will only need to show up, make your purchase, flash your member card (coming soon) and claim your discount. More about the membership cards next month. Here are a few examples of local businesses that are on board, who we’re going to discuss in detail in our get local Spot Light. Many more are coming too.

CP’S Wood Fired Pizza

Lido Juice

Riva Restaurant

TAJ Salon


The Lucky Finn

The Silent Chef



Dunkin Donuts

Pete’s Mediterranean ( unfortunately Pete is out for now).

and more…

Each month our enewsletter will arrive in your inbox, This is only from us to you.
Please, don’t tell your friends, did we say that? Yes, they can’t join. As our way of saying Thanks.  In 2018 we’ll reopen the doors to everyone else.  All of you folks will receive all months up to the fee time for free.  Remember your the test pilots. No one else can join for now.

Here’s more.
Some other items that we’re working on.  You know them by name, you may shop them occasionally but do you really know our businesses. We’ll deliver in- depth conversations, to shine a Spotlight on our local businesses and show what really makes them unique. These businesses will offer our members only discounts or services. The only way to get this information. Is here.

Our Fine Print.

Just so you know, We will not sell or share your email address. (Ever).

We look forward to be bringing you really interesting items from our residential and business community. Information that you will only find here as the test pilots.

Thanks for checking us out and don’t tell your friends, yes that’s right Don’t tell them. Or at least not until  late 2017.


The Scituate Spark Team


#2 Local Area Business Spotlight featuring Pooja Boutique

Here’s our next local area business that we shot a 2 minute video. We’re budding videographers here. Learning as we go. No high powered video camera. Only using our phone so bear with us as we learn.

Check out Pooja Boutique down in Scituate Harbor Business District. You can view them here on our FB page  @ScituateSpark.   Scroll to the Pooja video.  Soon we’ll learn how to link the video file here too.


About Scituate Spark:  We have produced 6 new 2 minute videos, check them out on our FB page Scituate Spark. All are local are businesses highlighting what makes them unique in our area and why you should consider shopping with them.  Most all offer some sort of fun discount or incentive.  Stop in, say hi, take a look around.

#ScituateSpark     #ScituateInMotion

Here’s a list of the companies highlighted on our page to date:

Egypt Country Store  aka The Postie,  Pretty Little Things, CP’s Woodfired Pizza,  Pretty Bar / Danielle Keefe Artistry,  Chrysalis Boutique.

Coming soon:    Colleen Walo – Preferred Properties Realty, 1820 Country Home listing.       Sea Tow,  Birch Barn and The Goodale Co. Insurance Agency.

If you would like to have your business showcased, drop us a comment here.  Please consider adding our tag to your social media posts for greater audiences viewing your content.     #ShopScituateLocal
Thanks for reading.





Local area Business Spotlight featuring CP’s Woodfired Pizza

Re-posted from  January  2016 Spotlight.

Scituate Monthly’s first Business Spotlight for all to see. Our  written Spotlights  or 2 minute Wed. Video Series are our way of highlighting some of the unique and varied businesses in our local area. We’ve asked a number of questions, better for you to get to know each business on an intimate level.  Please stop in to the businesses, tell them Scituate Monthly sent you.                                                                                                                   Use our tags when posting for other valuable highlights.                              #ShopScituateLocal.   #ScituateInMotion      #ScituateSpark

So you say, you like pizza And a contest?  CP’s Wood Fired Pizza

  1. Please tell us how CP’s came into existence:    Cp’s came to be when the great chef, Jimmy Burke and I met and became friends. I trained to be his head chef and had an idea to open up an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria.  Jimmy flew to Naples and got a crash course in pizza making. He came back and we created JW’s Woodfired Pizza. I made all the pizzas and ran the restaurant for him for a couple years.  He then decided to move to Maine and presented me with an opportunity ro purchase the pizzeria.  I jumped at the opportunity.  While it was jimmy’s passion to make authentic Neapolitan pizza, I saw a few things that I liked about it and a few things I didn’t.  In Italy, eating pizza is an event, much like drinking is in the US.  People meet up at pizzerias and enjoy a pie together over a few hours.  In America, we want everything fast and on our doorstep.  So I changed the recipes to make them slightly more “Americanized” but I kept the great Italian tradition of using the best ingredients which I import straight from Naples, Italy.  I also extended our hours and offered free delivery.  My thought process was that it always seemed like the best restaurants would never deliver, so you always had to choose between quality and convenience; so if I could bring you a gourmet meal to your doorstop for no additional cost, everyone would be happy.  And that’s how Cp’s was born.
  2. Servicing the Scituate area is special – please tell us more about it, your past design experiences, background and or why you chose this location/ area: 
    The location meant a lot to me because I always wanted a smaller, simpler location.  Having worked at Dominoes briefly in college and seeing their small, simple locations but had the highest level of efficiency but provided a pretty sad product. Then have worked at Pizzeria Regina which had a great product but they weren’t willing to put any effort in to providing their customer base with any level of customer service.  So when I met Jimmy, we had a great way to combine the two. The model of Dominoes but with the quality ( actually much better) of Pizzeria Regina.
  3. How do you find your employees ? Are you looking for any special qualities in your team?: My employees stem from 19 year old kids to 60+ year old adults.  My mantra is all about attitude. I can teach a person how to cook but I can’t teach them work ethic and how to have a positive attitude.
  4. What other goods or additional services are available? Tell us about your offerings, what makes you unique:     My baked goods come from a local bakery that I partnered up with. He delivers everything fresh each morning.  He is also CP and his bakery is CP’s Baking in Holbrook.  All of our sandwiches are made to order and are cooked in our woodfired oven.
  5. Do you plan on expanding services in the future?: Every year I print a new menu and with every new menu comes new exciting items.  The next one will include a few new pasta dishes and some other tasty treats!
  6. Can you share with us one unknown fact, that we can share exclusively with the audience?: I am very happy with my restaurant,  but I would love to knock down the far wall and expand another 20ft or so and add a few seats so patrons can sit and have a hot meal right out of the oven.  I would also add a walk in refrigerator so I could have room for even more new menu items. But I need a permit for that so maybe those who are reading this can help me grease the wheels 🙂
  7. One last word: Before I opened CP’s, I graduated college with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Herpetology (Reptiles).   After I graduated, I was studying to become a member of the Health Department and would have been conducting inspections on local restaurants.

Thanks for getting to know me at CP’s Wood Fired Pizza. We hope you stop by and give us a try.

Our Contest has completed. Stay tuned in for another Business Spotlight or 2 minute video from CP’s for another chance for Free Pizza.  

CP’s has been open for 1 year, how many pizzas have I sold? Every person gets 1 guess.       Contest runs through Jan 30, 2016. If no one hits the exact number, the closest person to the number wins.  Post your guess on the CP’s Pizza post on Scituate Monthly’s (FB) group.   The winner received their $100.00 gift certificate from CP’s Pizza. They are as happy as can be.

About Scituate Spark:  We have produced 6 new 2 minute videos, check them out on our FB page Scituate Spark. All are local are businesses highlighting what makes them unique in our area. Most all offer some sort of fun discount or incentive.  Stop in, say hi, take a look around.

Here’s a list of the companies highlighted:

Egypt Country Store  aka The Postie,  Pretty Little Things, CP’s Woodfired Pizza,  Pretty Bar / Danielle Keefe Artistry,  Chrysalis Boutique and Pooja Boutique.

Coming soon:    Colleen Walo – Preferred Properties Realty, 1820 Country Home listing.       Sea Tow,  Birch Barn and The Goodale Co. Insurance Agency.

If you would like to have your business showcased, drop us a comment here. 
Good Luck and Thank You.


10 Tips for Social Media

10 tips for Small Business Social Media – LocalHere are 10 tips for Local Social Marketing in 2017 and beyond.

Is your business local, regional, national or international? In this segment we’re talking Local. Actually We’re always talking local. Here a some tips to help guide you down the path of Local Social.
1. Your business should have a presence on social media.
Your business should be active and established as a branded presence on social media. The reason? All of your competitors are there and active. If you’re not you’ll be left in the dust. So to be active you may need to determine where your customers are. Where they congregate, where they talk and ask questions. Your business needs to be there. There may mean becoming active on multiple platforms. Multiple platforms you might ask? Yes, multiple. Yikes. Who has time for all of that, I’ve got a business to run. That’s right you do.
Ok so let’s look at the elephant in the room. The first location is Facebook. Billions of people are here. Yes that’s right, with a capital B. Billions. Your business should be here too. Social media from the local perspective is huge. Let’s take 1 of my managed social groups Scituate Monthly. It was created to get people to talk about local happenings in and around Scituate. It started small with a handful of people. I was overjoyed when we hit 100 members. Now there’s more than Seven Thousand members and growing. Many many of them don’t ever post. But they all read it. I’ve met at least 100 members who’ve said straight out it’s the first source of info they read in the am. If i want to know what’s going on in town, I check Fbook. If I’m looking to buy a new product or need a service I check Facebook for recommendations. I listen to people’s recommendations. If there are enough, I’m probably swayed to make a purchase or at least to do a deeper dive on the item or service. So as you can see Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. 
For you and your business, this platform requires time. It requires more than a Facebook page you and your teenager created over the weekend. Actually all social media requires time. Time to nurture, to ask questions, time to provide answers.
Facebook has a couple options for your business. You can develop a group or a page. If it’s for a business, it’s usually a page you need. To start you should have a cover photo. Wether it’s a photo of your face or your logo it needs to be sized proportional to your platform. Have your graphic designer if you have one or ask us to help you to create an impactful full image logo for you. This logo can be swapped out later if need be. 
2. Is Your business is Local?
If so than Speak local. Establish your brand locally. Tell it’s story through images and conversations from a local level across pertinent social media platforms. Wether it’s Facebook, instagram, snap chat or any of the others we’re talking local. Provide local answers, discuss local events, sports, history. Think local.  
There are so many platforms out there and your business needs to be on a few. A few, not all. No one has time for that and you shouldn’t try to either.
Let’s go back to my group. Remember it’s a group around a niche not a business page. Although I have built a website too, more about the why a website too in an upcoming post. Back to the group, and this same concept holds true for all. Speak about things locally. You’re audience will appreciate you for it. You become the authoritative figure around your group or page. When events are happening people will reach out to you. Now remember this, people will reach out to you. They may call you or email. Or personal message you, this personal messenger is facebooks new projects. You need to set this up and be active here too. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well yes it is. I’ve been contacted on a number of occasions to lend a hand on projects or help companies get set up on Fbook. I even manage a number of clients Social Media accounts. We can talk about this later too. 
3. Social Media isn’t like traditional media of say 10 or even 5 years ago. 
For that matter it’s not the same as even a couple years ago. Social is now. It changes everyday. It’s not where you can set it up and forget it. It’s active, conversations are happening right now. Local people are talking about your brand right now. Social media requires on-going interaction when your prospects and customers are active, not just during business hours. You’re online during the evening, so are your customers. The same for weekends. Listen to your customers. You engage with them on their terms, not yours. 
4. Social media is multi-directional.
So you must be prepared for customer responses. Do you actively listen online for your brands name? Do you respond to questions or inquires in a timely fashion? Set up some Google listening to actively seek and respond to folks talking about your business. Become active. Set up and listen to your competitors chatter. This is the tricky part because this is where the time constrains come in. Depending on what type of business you have will determine how much time you can afford in the Social Media marketing area. Remember you have a business to run too, Right?
5. Get started on Instagram
Have you started an Instagram account for your business? The younger generation has flocked to this social media platform with over 300 million monthly active users. It’s important to keep tabs on the younger crowd. Stay relevent to them. This group will soon be your new clientele. Instagram is a great tool to post images on your product or service. Here you can tag people, phrases, locations or make up your own. Set a tag up for your business and tag it for all exclusive or exciting events. Tag it on Facebook, people will find you and follow there. Because Instagram is such a hot topic, we’re going to talk more about it in a future post. Stay tuned.  
6. Paid promotion on Facebook
Have you looked at boosting/ paying for your posts? Adding just $5.00 in promotional spend to selected Facebook posts could increase your interaction. Facebook is becoming the location, to play. Now it’s more of pay to play. You may notice a spike in communication, once you start paying. Most large companies all handle promotions on Facebook. Large companies equals large budgets. Not every post should be boosted. Only important items. You should determine your posts demographics and cater your post to them. You should focus on posts that can yield the best results. Most important, set a budget and stick to it. 
7. Start Blogging
Do you blog? Current content gets you noticed by Google. Increase your SEO by blogging frequently. Share your blog posts across all of your social platforms. Additionally, a blog can serve as content for a Facebook and Twitter post as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign. By creating better blog content in 2017, your web traffic will increase and your content will become more compelling. 
8. Email marketing
If you are a business that only sends out one email blast per month, start doubling this number and send out at least two per month. Nordstrom sends out multiple email blasts EACH DAY! If you have compelling content that would be informative to the subscribers on your email list, tell them about it via email communications. One suggestion is to send out a large newsletter with lots of content at the beginning of the month and then divide the content by the remaining number of weeks and send an email out each week. (but never on a Monday-lowest open rate day!) Email is not dead. Email addresses rarely ever get changed. More on email in a later post.
9. Twitter outreach
There has been a lot of frustration amongst marketers over all of the advertising that various social media channels are forcing businesses to partake in. Luckily, Twitter is still a great platform where you can grow your following organically. Start searching for hashtags within your industry. Reach out to users in this fashion. Start reaching your target audience via tweets through the perfect Twitter outreach strategy in 2017. Personally I’m not a big twitter fan. Most of my content creation revolves around Facebook, instagram, email and blogging. But hey that’s just me. Your business may be different.
 10. Last but not least LinkedIn
Make your employees shine on LinkedIn. Provide professional photographs and videos to support your employees, especially your sales team. Help craft their profiles. Every now and again post an image that seems a bit more suited for Facebook or Instagram- This will provide your connections with something fresh to look at. Ex. A happy Monday photo or #TGIF. Take some time to like and comment on your connections posts. Go through your connections and endorse them and be sure to say congrats on their new promotion. Gain a reputation on LinkedIn. Re bet to sprinkle in about your business. But do not sell.
If you have questions or would like to reach me on any of the above sections, drop me a line here in the comments section or forward over an email to: Consider Scituate Monthly for business listings and other social media requirements and objectives.
Thanks for reading.
 About Me
Bill Blake is the founder and administrator of the FB Group Scituate Monthly. Bill has also developed and maintains the website Scituate Monthly. Com which showcases the local Scituate area, business owners and highlights the small entrepreneurs of the area. The site also maintains a number of tabs such as an ever increasing listing of local businesses with links, phone numbers and other pertainent information. A growing number of the businesses are Scituate Monthly Business Members. These businesses are broadcast and disucssed on his FB group. Many of these businesses are listed and mentioned frequently due to their local charitable contributions in Scituate and the surrounding area. Bill is passionate for Social Media along with his background in business management/marketing/printing to guide him to the creation of Scituate Monthly. Bill is in the process now of initiating a new venture. An enewsletter aptly named the Sciutate Spark. Its a members only goup. The enewsletter highlights local businesses who also deliver discounted coupons from spotlighted businesses. Presently the group is closed to new members. The group may open to new members in January 2018. Question for Bill? Drop him a note.

Scituate Monthly. com’s calendar

We continue to hear that everyone wants an online calendar. A place to hold all of the important events, games, fundraisers and all of the other great stuff coming up in our town. Whether its this weekend, 2 months from now or next year. Many of us use our phones calendar feature and others wait to read upcoming calendar events in the paper. Now really who reads the paper these days?  Do they still have the comics?

Our on-line calendar feature is rich in events going on and we’re trying something new in 2017. We’ll be linking some of our calendar events with different businesses in town who are hosting these events. We’ll also be linking to the many charitable fundraisers and other interesting events that will be happening.  If you maintain or host any upcoming events Please stop into our website and complete the contact us form. We’ll be glad to upload your events information onto our calendar for all to see. Include as much contact info, phone #s, web addresses, advanced ticket links, emails ect as possible.

 Our website continues to update on an every-other day basis.  Our site receives on average between 75 and 100 visitors per day.  Want more action at your event?

Click the link  here for the calendar and you’re there. 

These are some of the types of events you may find.
School and PTO events, sporting events, fundraisers, charity runs / walks, Church events, Open house at the Food Pantry, restaurant events and tastings, even town-wide happenings. We’ll try and add links to parking, traffic info. And everything that pertains to each event.  This is what makes our town special.

One last idea that we’re considering for 2017. An active link to the hosting group along with a 2 week advertisement. This ad will also be featured across our ever growing  6800 member facebook group.    Everything happening on a daily basis in our town and the surrounding area.

Let us know if a calendar is valuable for you or if some other type of link may work better.

Thanks for stopping in and we look forward to filling in the calendar for 2017 and beyond.


Social Media 101 ~ It’s all about content.

So you say you want to jump into the social scene? Not that social scene. The online scene for your site, group or more importantly your business page. Ok, where to start. Well it all starts and ends with content. Content relating to your specific audience. Have you started talking to your audience yet? More importantly have you been listening to your audience.

Yes, that’s right listening. Listening is the most important part of the whole equation. There are many marketing companies out there who will tell you otherwise, they say add more content. More more more, adding content is the best thing in your related field. That may be true for some but not for us and certainly not for you or your business.

We will show you otherwise. Content marketing is an important part of setting up an online business. In fact, it’s a process of creating and allocating the most appropriate content to attract and engage targeted visitors for your specific audience.  These are the folks who will eventually turn into actual clients. Creating content that your audience values and wants to read, is the key. The content must engage with the audience in an easy way. Once that begins to happen you will propel business results in the path that your business requires.
Now here’s the tricky part. Writing fresh and unique content day in and day out. Most professional content writers that you hire from outside of your area have to collect facts and figures. They need to study up on your business type, they need to understand your vertical and where you are in it. They will need to understand your marketplace, who’s in it. they’ll need to review your competition and to stay abreast with them.  How those folks react to your business. Who they are and what turns them on. The pros need to write content in user-friendly language that your prospective customers understand. Not an easy trick to pull off especially here in the Boston region. But really anywhere.  We say hire locals that know the area and who are well versed in the unique art of local conversation.

So, how can you overcome the most common content creation challenges and find high-quality content for your needs? Well, think of a local provider who has been working on providing content over the years. One who has developed in-depth conversations that people come back to-day in and day out.  Do you have anyone in mind?


Ok, so here are some ideas that you should focus on

1. Set up a clear content marketing strategy:

As the main objective of content marketing is to increase visitors that result in long-term customers that ultimately result in sales, it is a must for you to define your social business objectives right from the start. This is what you’ll hear from those high priced marketing agencies. Usually the ones that are located in some far off land like Chicago, Omaha, California or India. When you contact a content marketing agency they’ll say that they  need to study the nature of your business, recognize the information needs of your existing and potential customers, create great content in accordance with it. They use a number of ways to create the fascinating content that is likely to address the needs of your customers in an easy way. They’ll say A delighted customer (with your products and services) means you are likely to grab more business opportunities for your page or site.  Now some of this is true, having fascinating content is likely to address the needs of your readers who will in-turn become your clients, but this all happens in due course. We’ll address this shortly.

2. Knowledge – Content Creation:

When thinking about your online business needs, here are some of the platforms to consider. Websites, blogs, social media shares, article submission, Guest blogging, PPC, Email marketing, Video marketing, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the list goes on. So many to choose from.  We believe that choosing a few and excelling at them is far better than choosing many and only doing a so-so job with all of them. Besides who has the time or the money to pay for the time needed.   To create high-quality educational content on a consistent basis for all these platforms is impossible for a person. Unless of course you have a team who can handle these tasks along with the technical expertise.
Do not be lead down the path that, that long distance company can provide the content with their experienced and talented content writers, who are familiar with the latest tips and tricks to create user-friendly content. First off who wants tricks and tips?  We want to create content that your readers / customers want to read and understand. These are the folks who will share with their friends about your product or service.

These are the folks that will help you capture the attention of a large number of web users and garner leads from them for you and your business.


3. Distribution:

Distribution of your content will require patience and timing as we mentioned earlier. Providing content across the web, from your page or group over time will generate a larger audience. This audience will be engaged with your business. These are the people who you want to engage with.  Do not be tricked by those that will promise a huge following in a short time-frame. Is this possible? sure it is. You will pay for the leads. But are they really the leads that your business will need to grow and prosper in the long run? Probably not, no matter how compelling the content is.

Our experienced team will write your content from our local level. We live, eat, sleep and dream local.           We will optimize your content to improve your site’s visibility with different search engines with timely distribution to the right audience at the right time. In the long run it will help you to reach your business goals and the right audience.
4. Brand awareness:

Brand awareness is the process which enables customers to recognize your company’s unique aspects in a certain marketplace. Your branding needs to be consistent across all channels and consistently spoken from all employees. Your branding encourages customers to utilize your products / services. We then will ask your clients for their candid reviews to help others to make specific buying decisions. It’s all about local decisions. Speak to your prospective customers. Listen to what they have to say. They will in turn talk about your business and help you to spread the good word.

Our Summary:

Our Content Marketing will not pump out a wide range of content just for content purposes. We will not deliver tons of useless gibberish to attract sheer numbers of readers. We will deliver valued specific content that your audience is searching for. Our content will educate your target market audience that offers them relevant, valuable information to meet specific interests.  We’re here for you now and in the future. Remember we live here too.

Thanks for reading our content. Should you have questions reach-out to us here on our contact form. We’ll respond back to start a conversation to understand your specific business social media goals.