Scituate Monthly eNewsletter – Restarting Mid Fall 2018 

Yes, the summer is almost over, it’s time to get back on track.  Yes, we needed to revise our enewsletter start date, things ( boating, the beach, the mountains, hiking, travel, the spit, skiing (huh) did we say skiing? ) just kept getting in the way.  Earning a living has a way of intruding into the free time hobby’s that we like to work on.  So with that said, we’ll be deploying via email our new revised Scituate Monthly newsletter now aptly named The Scituate Spark. We’ll crank it up mid Sept. Our list has blossomed to over 373 people who will reap the rewards. Read (discounts and other cool stuff).  So the reason for the new name, The Scituate Spark. We asked around at a couple local restaurants, the Spit everyone liked the name. We’re going with it.

You can also follow The Spark on Facebook. It’s setup as a page.  More to follow on the page, check it out.

Also we’ve closed the door on new folks joining until Dec 2018. Because you folks are the test pilots. We’ll see how we do over the next couple months. Then we’ll re-open for to the general public come Jan. For all those that have signed up through 2018 your status will remain as Free. Anyone new will not receive the remaining 2018 newsletters, only you will.   Enjoy!

The reasons for the enewsletter in case you missed them. I’ve always discussed bringing longer form articles to our readers. FB is only 30 seconds of time, then its over. Posts move on or get buried by new posts.  Many of these posts change in an instant. So with longer form you either produce similar to a blog,  or a webpage.

We like the enewsletter format. Unlike print media, which takes forever (really only a week or so) get the stories, write the ideas, proof them, typeset or prepress, historical, new or buy images, layout, insert, redesign, submit for approval, gain approval or not, double check layout. Then finally go to print. Hopefully printing goes smoothly, which usually never happens. Remember we said 1 week. Then cut, review, stack, review, tag, move to staging, band and ship. Add a day or 2 here.  So with  our enewsletter  when news happens we can jump right on it. Pull out the laptop and start writing. Discuss new discounts with local business. Everyone is happy.

Our enewsletter just like our (FB) group will always be a 2 way street. See something that you want to comment on? Please do. Input from the audience only strengthens our membership. And for the time being you are it.

So why an enewsletter you might ask again?  Here’s the rest of the back story.  We asked around town for comments on the idea of a local enewsletter since the beginning of last summer, we’ve discussed the merits, the pros & cons at backyard parties, block parties, at a band concert, a wedding, at the Spit, at multiple restaurants and really in-depth chair to chair discussions at Rocco’s and of course Riva. Our conclusion from most everyone was only positive. Especially when we mentioned the local area discounts. It seems everyone loves a good discount.

Plus they said to keep it short with only usable content, not a lot of fluff. Add some local color images. No heavy advertising. That’s exactly our thinking too. Yes there may be a few ads sprinkled in. Need to pay for the service platform of course and a little beer money. Any extra money (ha ha) will be donated at 25% to the Scituate Animal Shelter. We love animals too you know.

So what else are we thinking? Recently we’ve been posting on (fb) about shopping local.  We all shop local, right?

Well now might be the time for you to really Shop Local. Why? Some of our local merchants are joining Scituate Monthly to offer some sweet discounts only for our readers. On a monthly basis you’ll receive our enewsletter containing specific products, services or my favorite, pizza and coffee served up with an excellent discount. To collect you will only need to show up, make your purchase, flash your member card (coming soon) and claim your discount. More about the membership cards next month. Here are a few examples of local businesses that are on board, who we’re going to discuss in detail in our get local Spot Light. Many more are coming too.

CP’S Wood Fired Pizza

Lido Juice

Riva Restaurant

TAJ Salon


The Lucky Finn

The Silent Chef



Dunkin Donuts

Pete’s Mediterranean ( unfortunately Pete is out for now).

and more…

Each month our enewsletter will arrive in your inbox, This is only from us to you.
Please, don’t tell your friends, did we say that? Yes, they can’t join. As our way of saying Thanks.  In 2018 we’ll reopen the doors to everyone else.  All of you folks will receive all months up to the fee time for free.  Remember your the test pilots. No one else can join for now.

Here’s more.
Some other items that we’re working on.  You know them by name, you may shop them occasionally but do you really know our businesses. We’ll deliver in- depth conversations, to shine a Spotlight on our local businesses and show what really makes them unique. These businesses will offer our members only discounts or services. The only way to get this information. Is here.

Our Fine Print.

Just so you know, We will not sell or share your email address. (Ever).

We look forward to be bringing you really interesting items from our residential and business community. Information that you will only find here as the test pilots.

Thanks for checking us out and don’t tell your friends, yes that’s right Don’t tell them. Or at least not until  late 2017.


The Scituate Spark Team


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