Local area Business Spotlight featuring CP’s Woodfired Pizza

Re-posted from  January  2016 Spotlight.

Scituate Monthly’s first Business Spotlight for all to see. Our  written Spotlights  or 2 minute Wed. Video Series are our way of highlighting some of the unique and varied businesses in our local area. We’ve asked a number of questions, better for you to get to know each business on an intimate level.  Please stop in to the businesses, tell them Scituate Monthly sent you.                                                                                                                   Use our tags when posting for other valuable highlights.                              #ShopScituateLocal.   #ScituateInMotion      #ScituateSpark

So you say, you like pizza And a contest?  CP’s Wood Fired Pizza

  1. Please tell us how CP’s came into existence:    Cp’s came to be when the great chef, Jimmy Burke and I met and became friends. I trained to be his head chef and had an idea to open up an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria.  Jimmy flew to Naples and got a crash course in pizza making. He came back and we created JW’s Woodfired Pizza. I made all the pizzas and ran the restaurant for him for a couple years.  He then decided to move to Maine and presented me with an opportunity ro purchase the pizzeria.  I jumped at the opportunity.  While it was jimmy’s passion to make authentic Neapolitan pizza, I saw a few things that I liked about it and a few things I didn’t.  In Italy, eating pizza is an event, much like drinking is in the US.  People meet up at pizzerias and enjoy a pie together over a few hours.  In America, we want everything fast and on our doorstep.  So I changed the recipes to make them slightly more “Americanized” but I kept the great Italian tradition of using the best ingredients which I import straight from Naples, Italy.  I also extended our hours and offered free delivery.  My thought process was that it always seemed like the best restaurants would never deliver, so you always had to choose between quality and convenience; so if I could bring you a gourmet meal to your doorstop for no additional cost, everyone would be happy.  And that’s how Cp’s was born.
  2. Servicing the Scituate area is special – please tell us more about it, your past design experiences, background and or why you chose this location/ area: 
    The location meant a lot to me because I always wanted a smaller, simpler location.  Having worked at Dominoes briefly in college and seeing their small, simple locations but had the highest level of efficiency but provided a pretty sad product. Then have worked at Pizzeria Regina which had a great product but they weren’t willing to put any effort in to providing their customer base with any level of customer service.  So when I met Jimmy, we had a great way to combine the two. The model of Dominoes but with the quality ( actually much better) of Pizzeria Regina.
  3. How do you find your employees ? Are you looking for any special qualities in your team?: My employees stem from 19 year old kids to 60+ year old adults.  My mantra is all about attitude. I can teach a person how to cook but I can’t teach them work ethic and how to have a positive attitude.
  4. What other goods or additional services are available? Tell us about your offerings, what makes you unique:     My baked goods come from a local bakery that I partnered up with. He delivers everything fresh each morning.  He is also CP and his bakery is CP’s Baking in Holbrook.  All of our sandwiches are made to order and are cooked in our woodfired oven.
  5. Do you plan on expanding services in the future?: Every year I print a new menu and with every new menu comes new exciting items.  The next one will include a few new pasta dishes and some other tasty treats!
  6. Can you share with us one unknown fact, that we can share exclusively with the audience?: I am very happy with my restaurant,  but I would love to knock down the far wall and expand another 20ft or so and add a few seats so patrons can sit and have a hot meal right out of the oven.  I would also add a walk in refrigerator so I could have room for even more new menu items. But I need a permit for that so maybe those who are reading this can help me grease the wheels 🙂
  7. One last word: Before I opened CP’s, I graduated college with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Herpetology (Reptiles).   After I graduated, I was studying to become a member of the Health Department and would have been conducting inspections on local restaurants.

Thanks for getting to know me at CP’s Wood Fired Pizza. We hope you stop by and give us a try.

Our Contest has completed. Stay tuned in for another Business Spotlight or 2 minute video from CP’s for another chance for Free Pizza.  

CP’s has been open for 1 year, how many pizzas have I sold? Every person gets 1 guess.       Contest runs through Jan 30, 2016. If no one hits the exact number, the closest person to the number wins.  Post your guess on the CP’s Pizza post on Scituate Monthly’s (FB) group.   The winner received their $100.00 gift certificate from CP’s Pizza. They are as happy as can be.

About Scituate Spark:  We have produced 6 new 2 minute videos, check them out on our FB page Scituate Spark. All are local are businesses highlighting what makes them unique in our area. Most all offer some sort of fun discount or incentive.  Stop in, say hi, take a look around.

Here’s a list of the companies highlighted:

Egypt Country Store  aka The Postie,  Pretty Little Things, CP’s Woodfired Pizza,  Pretty Bar / Danielle Keefe Artistry,  Chrysalis Boutique and Pooja Boutique.

Coming soon:    Colleen Walo – Preferred Properties Realty, 1820 Country Home listing.       Sea Tow,  Birch Barn and The Goodale Co. Insurance Agency.

If you would like to have your business showcased, drop us a comment here. 
Good Luck and Thank You.



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