Scituate Monthly. com’s calendar

We continue to hear that everyone wants an online calendar. A place to hold all of the important events, games, fundraisers and all of the other great stuff coming up in our town. Whether its this weekend, 2 months from now or next year. Many of us use our phones calendar feature and others wait to read upcoming calendar events in the paper. Now really who reads the paper these days?  Do they still have the comics?

Our on-line calendar feature is rich in events going on and we’re trying something new in 2017. We’ll be linking some of our calendar events with different businesses in town who are hosting these events. We’ll also be linking to the many charitable fundraisers and other interesting events that will be happening.  If you maintain or host any upcoming events Please stop into our website and complete the contact us form. We’ll be glad to upload your events information onto our calendar for all to see. Include as much contact info, phone #s, web addresses, advanced ticket links, emails ect as possible.

 Our website continues to update on an every-other day basis.  Our site receives on average between 75 and 100 visitors per day.  Want more action at your event?

Click the link  here for the calendar and you’re there. 

These are some of the types of events you may find.
School and PTO events, sporting events, fundraisers, charity runs / walks, Church events, Open house at the Food Pantry, restaurant events and tastings, even town-wide happenings. We’ll try and add links to parking, traffic info. And everything that pertains to each event.  This is what makes our town special.

One last idea that we’re considering for 2017. An active link to the hosting group along with a 2 week advertisement. This ad will also be featured across our ever growing  6800 member facebook group.    Everything happening on a daily basis in our town and the surrounding area.

Let us know if a calendar is valuable for you or if some other type of link may work better.

Thanks for stopping in and we look forward to filling in the calendar for 2017 and beyond.



Social Media 101 ~ It’s all about content.

So you say you want to jump into the social scene? Not that social scene. The online scene for your site, group or more importantly your business page. Ok, where to start. Well it all starts and ends with content. Content relating to your specific audience. Have you started talking to your audience yet? More importantly have you been listening to your audience.

Yes, that’s right listening. Listening is the most important part of the whole equation. There are many marketing companies out there who will tell you otherwise, they say add more content. More more more, adding content is the best thing in your related field. That may be true for some but not for us and certainly not for you or your business.

We will show you otherwise. Content marketing is an important part of setting up an online business. In fact, it’s a process of creating and allocating the most appropriate content to attract and engage targeted visitors for your specific audience.  These are the folks who will eventually turn into actual clients. Creating content that your audience values and wants to read, is the key. The content must engage with the audience in an easy way. Once that begins to happen you will propel business results in the path that your business requires.
Now here’s the tricky part. Writing fresh and unique content day in and day out. Most professional content writers that you hire from outside of your area have to collect facts and figures. They need to study up on your business type, they need to understand your vertical and where you are in it. They will need to understand your marketplace, who’s in it. they’ll need to review your competition and to stay abreast with them.  How those folks react to your business. Who they are and what turns them on. The pros need to write content in user-friendly language that your prospective customers understand. Not an easy trick to pull off especially here in the Boston region. But really anywhere.  We say hire locals that know the area and who are well versed in the unique art of local conversation.

So, how can you overcome the most common content creation challenges and find high-quality content for your needs? Well, think of a local provider who has been working on providing content over the years. One who has developed in-depth conversations that people come back to-day in and day out.  Do you have anyone in mind?


Ok, so here are some ideas that you should focus on

1. Set up a clear content marketing strategy:

As the main objective of content marketing is to increase visitors that result in long-term customers that ultimately result in sales, it is a must for you to define your social business objectives right from the start. This is what you’ll hear from those high priced marketing agencies. Usually the ones that are located in some far off land like Chicago, Omaha, California or India. When you contact a content marketing agency they’ll say that they  need to study the nature of your business, recognize the information needs of your existing and potential customers, create great content in accordance with it. They use a number of ways to create the fascinating content that is likely to address the needs of your customers in an easy way. They’ll say A delighted customer (with your products and services) means you are likely to grab more business opportunities for your page or site.  Now some of this is true, having fascinating content is likely to address the needs of your readers who will in-turn become your clients, but this all happens in due course. We’ll address this shortly.

2. Knowledge – Content Creation:

When thinking about your online business needs, here are some of the platforms to consider. Websites, blogs, social media shares, article submission, Guest blogging, PPC, Email marketing, Video marketing, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the list goes on. So many to choose from.  We believe that choosing a few and excelling at them is far better than choosing many and only doing a so-so job with all of them. Besides who has the time or the money to pay for the time needed.   To create high-quality educational content on a consistent basis for all these platforms is impossible for a person. Unless of course you have a team who can handle these tasks along with the technical expertise.
Do not be lead down the path that, that long distance company can provide the content with their experienced and talented content writers, who are familiar with the latest tips and tricks to create user-friendly content. First off who wants tricks and tips?  We want to create content that your readers / customers want to read and understand. These are the folks who will share with their friends about your product or service.

These are the folks that will help you capture the attention of a large number of web users and garner leads from them for you and your business.


3. Distribution:

Distribution of your content will require patience and timing as we mentioned earlier. Providing content across the web, from your page or group over time will generate a larger audience. This audience will be engaged with your business. These are the people who you want to engage with.  Do not be tricked by those that will promise a huge following in a short time-frame. Is this possible? sure it is. You will pay for the leads. But are they really the leads that your business will need to grow and prosper in the long run? Probably not, no matter how compelling the content is.

Our experienced team will write your content from our local level. We live, eat, sleep and dream local.           We will optimize your content to improve your site’s visibility with different search engines with timely distribution to the right audience at the right time. In the long run it will help you to reach your business goals and the right audience.
4. Brand awareness:

Brand awareness is the process which enables customers to recognize your company’s unique aspects in a certain marketplace. Your branding needs to be consistent across all channels and consistently spoken from all employees. Your branding encourages customers to utilize your products / services. We then will ask your clients for their candid reviews to help others to make specific buying decisions. It’s all about local decisions. Speak to your prospective customers. Listen to what they have to say. They will in turn talk about your business and help you to spread the good word.

Our Summary:

Our Content Marketing will not pump out a wide range of content just for content purposes. We will not deliver tons of useless gibberish to attract sheer numbers of readers. We will deliver valued specific content that your audience is searching for. Our content will educate your target market audience that offers them relevant, valuable information to meet specific interests.  We’re here for you now and in the future. Remember we live here too.

Thanks for reading our content. Should you have questions reach-out to us here on our contact form. We’ll respond back to start a conversation to understand your specific business social media goals.