Social Media – 101       Advertising on Small or No Budget

Small businesses just like the big guys need advertising.  But unlike the big guys the small guys don’t have the big guys advertising budgets. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

So what to do?

Here are a couple questions or ideas for folks that are new to social media to think about when you’re thinking advertising on a very tight budget.

1. From a social media perspective where are you advertising ? With social media there are literally hundreds of places and platforms to advertise.  More are being added as you read this today. With no end in site.

2. Where are your customers?  What do they read? Where do they shop? Who are your customers? What do they All have in common?  These answers will help guide you to possibly where to spend some time advertising.  Think social and local when you’re considering these questions.

3. Small business means you do all the work. Or maybe you have a small team of helpers. Do you have the time Or the expertise to invest in social media? Do you want to learn? Social changes everyday. New things are added all the time. It’s exciting and exhausting all at the same time. And oh yeah, minor detail, you have a business to run.

4. Do you read or are you on Facebook or the many other platforms that are available?  We like FB because millions and millions of people are there and reading everyday. But are they reading about you and your business?  Are you advertising on this platform? Another reason we like FB is because We’re there. We’re comfortable there. It doesn’t mean you need to be there but it’s an easy learning curve to start doing some advertising there.

5. Boosting posts or straight up advertising.  Maybe look around on FB for like minded groups that you can join that are in your local area.  Start posting on those groups. Talk about things that the group is interested in or that is of interest to the members. Read back more than 5 days to better understand what the make up is of the group.  My advice do not join, then immediately start to advertise. Not one person on that group knows you. Or maybe you know a few folks on the group. In any case we say do not start advertising from the get go. Also very important read the groups description to see if they even allow advertising.  Abide by the rules or you will find yourself out of the group. I can tell you from experience many group administrators talk to other administrators. If your name keeps popping up as a violator, you will be banned from the group. Not a good place to be. Groups want members to talk, to participate in conversations.  My advice do this for quite a while before you start advertising. Lastly no in-your- face advertising. This just turns people off. You may get the spammer label.  You will have your posts blocked by other members. Your posts can even be reported. Again, not what you want to have happen. Start slow and participate. Tell us a story.

6. Get listed on social media group websites that cater to local businesses. Have you reached out to any that correspond to you? Have you checked out  We have a business links page that you can add your specific business listing too. Even link back to your website or business page. These are great no cost options.

On our next piece we’ll talk about some easy how-to’s and what to do’s. Even some what not to-do’s.

Do you have questions on what to do and what not to do? Let us know here on our contact form

. We’ll respond back with some ideas to help you with your advertising.

Thanks for reading.



Networking – Putting your best foot forward.

Another pointer on Networking.    Don’t Invent a new you.  Just put your best foot forward.  Be yourself.

Many people don’t like to Network, it’s a known fact. People think they’re boring, or the events boring or they can’t stand small talk or they don’t want to listen to others only talk about themselves or its all sales folks pitching their products or a hundred other reasons why they don’t want to be there. Proper networking takes some practice. Don’t try and attend every networking event out there, who’s got time or money for that. Just attend a couple networking events and practice being polite and introducing yourself.  Prioritize your time. Hit networking events that matter to you the most.

Ok, so here’s the meat of our title, There’s a fine line between putting your best foot forward and completely inventing a new personality, with a spiffy new wardrobe to match. We suggest that you don’t completely reinventing yourself. Many people believe that this will not only lead to more authentic interactions, but you’ll make better, more accurate impressions. Is that so?  That’s not to say don’t put your best foot forward, but if you’re an introvert who hates advice like “Always introduce yourself first” or an early riser told to “Attend networking bar nights”—tweak that advice.  Listen to the conversations. You’re not here to make a ton of new friends, your looking to have a few new conversations with interesting people. You never know who those interesting people are until you start talking to them.   Don’t forget to ask for their card. So you can follow up with them later. Remember follow up?

One other word of advice, if the networking event is in the evening. Don’t drink.  Yes, I said that and I like a good beer now and again but not when I’m meeting new potential clients or networking for new contacts.  Best advice, be confident and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way and most importantly be comfortable and be yourself.

Now get out there and attend a few networking events.