Scituate Reality Check

​We live in an insulated town. Is Scituate reality real?   More about this in a moment.  I needed to take the MBTA Train into Boston this morning for an appointment. I’ve been off the train for about 28 months. I say months as an avid monthly train rider. Still many familiar faces on the platform. All glued to their screens.  Same car upper deck. Same train smells come flooding back, coffee, perfume, soap, same guy eating cearal out of a cup and that weird train smell. Same area of seats. I’m not the exact same seat type of guy. I like to mix it up sometimes. But you know the type. Newspaper or tablet up, eyes down. Not even a glance sideways or a grumbled good morning. Same to you buddy with a flick of the finger. Sorry I degrees. I hear the conductor, same familar voice. Tickets tickets, phone apps. That’s a new one. Still not in the phone app groove to pay. But its a vast improvement over the tickets way. The conductor still talks sweetly to the women who always don’t have the right cash or enough for the fare. He barks at the men who try these same train tricks. It’s funny really to listen. Same guy.  I was exiting the train there’s my old familar conductor Dan. He still remembers, that guy so friendly always a smile or nod. Treats everyone with proper respect. More train guys like him we need. 

Walking into the packed station as we live in our insulated little Scituate town what immediately catches my eye. 3 heavily armed tactical guys with automatic weapons at the ready.  Then 2 more over there and a few more scattered around the station. Weapons not casually strapped over their shoulders.              In their hands Ready to go.

 Ok, Yes the President is out on the Vineyard for his last summer vacation, I’ve been there when he’s there. More about these experiences on my next post.  Yes troopers scan cars, boats and trucks entering onto the ferry. Klacki clad agents periodically pull people and suitcases aside. Its all done civilized but with acute precision.  One time our ferry was followed and flanked by a cutter to port. That was somewhat concerning. Another time 2 choppers were with us, That was weird. Ok, the Vineyard is somewhat close to Boston, but is it really that close? 

Back in the day,  I was at 1 point in my life used to seeing heavy weapons.  Low fast tactical fighters buzzing the city. Armed soft craft chase boats. A lot of low flying helicopters. Train dogs and armed patrols back in an older life.  I used to duck down as an automatic instinct when a low flying plane zoomed overhead.  I know precisely, to the exact minute when materialized it is still automatic like I’ve been doing it forever. 

 I was shocked back to reality. I now worry in my insulated life about our towns drought because I can’t water my lawn.  Not more than 35 miles away tactical guards are standing by. I feel safer and more secure but.                          Back to the real reality.