Looking for some local cheese

Posted by Bill Blake

I was out last weekend at a local wine tasting event with friends. We sampled many wines some good some well not so much. It was an interesting affair. There were quite a few characters present with their blue blazers and tacky err khacki pants. All trying to impress each other with witty lines such as, oh this Shiraz is so mellow with earthy hints of chocolate or this vintage was so green with undertones of lemon grass. Please! Tell me how many of these fine folks have tasted grass. Even from their owe finely manicured lawns. There were over 27 tables each with upwards of 10 wines per table. I was getting dizzy just reading the program. Who could  taste 5 maybe 7 different wines in a row and tell any difference between any of them. You just can’t tell one wine from another after quaffing down a couple sips. I don’t care how many spits you do. One vendor hit the nail on the head when we were chatting it up, he said to us does your mouth feel like a catchers mitt? That’s exactly what it feels like after sucking down umpteen sips of wine. Ok Buffy pour me another glass of Pinot. By the way,  Who spits wine out anyway?

After roaming the tables for something to nibble on we ventured into the main tasting room. Not sure why we didn’t start there to begin with. It was the gold mine. Not  because it contained another 20 vendors, it was because this is where the food was. Not any old sliced cheese and crackers type of spread. This was where the creme de la creme were holding court. As we scouted the room, Some of us in our party whispered then shouted, Mary.  Who is Mary you might ask? If you’re asking than you don’t know cheese on the South Shore. Specifically cheese from the Bloomy Rind in Hingham center. Now there was other types of food, there was an amazing pork and beef carving station with mustards and marmalades. Very fine to say the least, but we’re talking cheese.  With Mary, we’re talking cheese heaven. Mary is known in cheese circles as the ” in” place to find and taste all kinds of delicious cheeses, spreads and other delectables. If you venture to her shop on the weekends prepare to wait outside to get in. Same holds true for warm sunny weekdays.  Stop by The Bloomy Rind the next time you’re  planning a party for 6 or 60, Mary will set you up. Don’t forget to send me an invite, I’ll bring my own corkscrew.

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Scituate Town Meeting – Ho Hum

Repost by Bill Blake

Did you make it to the recent Scituate town meeting? If you did then you were one of only about 424 out of 13,200 or so register voters. By my calculations not a very good showing. So why was it such a non event? There were some big-ticket items on the agenda. The speakers from the BOS came prepared and spoke well. The Fire chief was prepared as well as the Police Chief.  Their remarks hit home with a large percentage of the crowd. So really why was the crowd so thin? 

Do the residents just not care for the politics? Or maybe there are other underlying factors that we’re not seeing. Does the general public not care whats being presented? Maybe they were just too busy to make the meeting.

Yes I know we’ve  heard a lot of the reasons why one couldn’t make it, I work late, I’ve got kids , couldn’t get a babysitter, I work 5 jobs,  I didn’t know about the meeting, all the usual excuses blah blah blah. Hello short term memory,  When the tax bill comes due, We don’t want to hear your complaining please. If you can’t make the meetings, don’t want town political involvement or your just too busy, than deal with it. Taxes are going up, if you can’t schedule time to make the meetings or are too lazy to learn what’s on the agenda then whatever happens weather your pro or con, you live with the outcome. Period. 

If on the other hand you can figure out how to schedule time, want to get involved, have learned what’s on the docket, have asked question, attended meetings, have spoken up like many other people who are in the process now, then jump on in. Your town needs and welcomes you. 

Speaking of the other folks who are involved, my hats off to you. You are involved, you sacrifice your time, you go to countless meetings, you take notes, learn the facts. You ask questions, you run for office, you place priorities differently, you find a sitter, you step up to the plate. You take action. Thank You for your service to our town. You help make a difference for the rest of us.

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Our Town News – Maybe a Better Mousetrap

Did you listen to the folks at town meeting, I mean really listen ? I did. What I and many others heard amoung many other points was that many individuals who were present at the meeting had a difficult time understanding the town articles that they were to vote on.  In addition to not knowing in advance what they were going to be voting on. Does this seem right to you?

Some of you reading this today were present at the meeting, what do you say,  am I correct in this assumption? Tell us in the comments below.

Do we need to build a better mousetrap?  Or at least determine better ways of delivering information?  With the information presented in advance we believe that that better way is to allow the  people of our town new ways to gather that information.

Scituate Monthly has moved down that path through our facebook channel to at least hear about the news. We along with many fine people post regularly articles relating to activities, events, religious, town news and so on on our group. What’s lacking on fb is depth.

With Facebook one can’t accomplished depth of the facts or articles. As a by product of these facts this is one of the reasons we opened our website. To help deliver articles in long form, in depth.  Many people have moved away from the newspapers. I’m  certainly 1 of those folks. To me the newspaper is a one way street. They tell u the news but you are left wondering how to ask questions. With electronic formats you now have avenues to ask back questions. To start lines of communication. To better understand articles.

That said SM will shift slightly on our blog here and on our website to deliver those articles to you. To bring you depth and please ask your questions.  We love the back and forth interactive communion.

Now we also know that not everyone reads the web or electronic news.  Maybe Scituate needs a better way of disseminating information out to others who aren’t electronically inclined. Can we determine through town hall how many people in town are online? Do you think they have that info, I’m thinking not. Well,  Maybe we bring back the old hardcopy newsletter? Does anyone remember that?   Does anyone have any postage stamps?

Tell us in the comments section below what your thoughts are.

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More info from the Scituate Animal Shelter

We posted recently on Scituate Monthly’s (FB) group about the need for lending a hand if you have an hour or two at the Scituate Animal Shelter.   From that post we a received a few inquiries, so we thought best to share some additional info from the shelter. Do you know that as of Today, Hundreds of animals pass through the doors of the Scituate Animal Shelter each year?

Many are claimed within days, but those that stay on receive food, love and veterinary care until they are adopted. Since the Scituate Animal Shelter’s humble beginning nearly twenty years ago, over 4,700 dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters have passed through our doors and been adopted into loving homes.

Operated by the Friends of the Scituate Shelter, Inc, the Scituate Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. It is primarily volunteer run and funded solely by private donations. The Shelter is staffed by three full-time Directors and over 140 volunteers. We receive no state or federal government funding, so we rely entirely upon donations to cover our annual operating expenses. If you could see it in your heart to help continue to provide care and compassion to the animals that come to the shelter, your donation of any amount will go a long way assiting in that goal. The shelter proudly serves the communities of the greater South Shore region. Thank You for anything that you can do.

The Lucky Ones Come To Us!

When you call or stop in tell them Scituate Monthly sent you.       

780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway (Rt. 3A).     Scituate, MA. 02066.                                                            Info@scituateanimalshelter.org.   Phone: (781)544-4533.     Fax: (781) 544-4535