Scit Monthly Social Good Summit.

Its interesting to read how much (including me) we gripe on our fb group about a lot of social issues in our town. Yes, Scituate has issues. From taxes to construction, politics to road conditions, schools to business closings, drinking problems to parades. We have issues. But you know what, every town has issues. The key in my view is how we tackle these ongoing problems. Challenging these issues is what sets us apart. We start the process by open griping on line. We then offer interesting comments which get shaped by additional comments. Some good some not so much, but everyone is entitled to an opinion, right? Our comments are molded from one person to the next. Where we go next is how we challenge our issues.

Scituate has some amazingly talented people. People that live here now, recently graduated or have moved away but still long for our lighthouse and shoreline.
From Barista’s to Drs., road crews to restauranteurs, woodworkers to salespeople, teachers, pastors, merchants, Football moms to soccer dads. We need brainpower, your thoughts, ideas, your passion for our town.

Our town and towns like us across the land have issues we can not solve alone. We need to work together to share ideas, to brainstorm, to grow a thought from 1 person to the next.
Let us challenge the issues in constructive conversation, back and forth banter, new ideas. This is your chance to provide fresh thoughts, nothing negative please.

We’ll pick a topic and post it Tuesday AM. Tell us in a few sentences or a paragraph how we can challenge our town. Our residents need to change it for the better, we need to provide ideas to keep our town moving in the direction where we the people want to go, which may not be in lock step with the BOS view.

For the posts, Keep the comments positive, use the kiss rule. Let’s together solve some issues in our town and maybe even the world, or better yet the next town over.

My disclaimer.
I’m borrowing this idea from the MasterCard Social Good Summit to end world poverty.
Instead of the 30 second elevator pitch, you get to type your pitch comment out here.
Ps. If you would like to submit some social town topics, send me a pm Please.


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