A recent Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Scituate Monthly

Recently Scituate Monthly made headlines from a recent graduate in our town of Scituate. Roger Dawley’ pure genius PSA announcement via YouTube has caught the attention of many followers both here in Scituate and across the land.  Roger has amazing talents in comedy and drama and he’s demonstrated both on the vid.

Stat tuned in for Roger as he will only blossom further from here. 

Check him out here.   Scituate monthly PSA.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pDz2HhnH_ec


Scituate Evacuation checklist, be prepared.

Last winter, you remember last winter, right? 10 feet. That’s all I’ll say. Last winter I got the call, the call was to prepare the Scituate high school for evacuation procedures. A storm was coming and our town leaders were setting the stage for our shelter to be ready for incoming guests. Those guests are our neighbors. Neighbors with friends, with family and their pets.  It was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend that you get your name on the list of helpers. Reach out to the Health Dept. they need your help. When the time comes and it will, You will certainly see people jump into action. It’s organized chaos. You will also make new friends and see old friends showing up with gear. Everyone has a job and if you’re new like I was , come prepared to be flexible. Don’t come with set notions that the setup will run smoothly, it won’t. Flexibility is the key. If you can spare an hour or 5 they need you. They, is the team setting things in motion for the guests to be as comfortable as possible after leaving their homes usually under extreme duress. During a raging snowstorm.

 We know most snowstorms when they make the news in Scituate are not your everyday run of the mill snowstorm. A couple inches and we’re done. Not. Scituate storms come roaring in usually accompanied by high winds causing power outages that can last days. Extreme low temperatures, heavy snow, High water flooding,  extra surge from large wave action, high tides, Usually servere flooding.  As mentioned our storms are anything but run of the mill. 

Many people wait to the last minute. Or they say, we’ re going to ride it out at home. We’ve been riding them out for years , we’ve made it through. We’re invincible. Not so much. Last winters storms saw tremendous damage to property on or close to mother ocean. We’ve escaped serious injury and deaths. Sooner or later this will change. 

On the other hand, last winter the shelter saw many more old timers not wanting to ride it out at home any more. They’ve become wiser.  Plus many younger families, who loose power and want to be somewhere where there is power and warmth, with warm food, not flooding waters lapping at their door step. People are understanding it’s better to be safe, than sorry. Is it fun to ride out the storm, maybe. But if you have children, pets or elderly living at your house, you should think again. Safety is the key. 

As we start to wind down the summer, soon we’ll be starting to wind up for winter. As it slowly starts to approach, now may be a good time to do a preliminary review of the evacuation checklist. No we’re not dooms- dayers but better to be prepared in advance. Attached here is our list of preparations well in advance of our first snow storm. 


Hope this list will provide some help in the event of the unthinkable, and you have to evacuate your home during a raging blizzard.

Let us know if we forgot anything in the comments section. TIA.

Thanks and Stay Safe this winter.