We’re back! Scituate Monthly our blog, Our new Website coming 30 days.

Yes we’ve been on the down low for quite some time. The reasons are many; too busy, the real job, kids, money blah blah blah. The real reason is we’ve been extremely busy writing for our face book group. Along with the soon to be released website. Our website is an extension of our group and this blog. The website name you might ask? And we’re glad you did, but we know that you can guess the name. Wait for it, yes ScituateMonthly.com. We finalized on the site a couple months ago and have been busy figuring out all things Scituate to bring you the best we can offer. Everything Scituate, full comprehensive coverage in longer form.  We hope you enjoy our site. Please tell us the good and the bad. 

Here are the main areas of coverage.

1 Detailed Business Vendor Lists, including hot links to their web pages, addresses, contact info and phone/email. We will also offer a recommendation spot from folks that have used their services with detailed reports of the service. An invaluable tool when looking for someone new when needed.

2. Business Promotion Coupons,  There will be some great promotions on the site. We’re working with a number of local businesses who are eager to send out coupons to our readers for their specific stores, services and restaurants. These will be provided only to our members who have joined our mailing list.

3. Calendar, the calendar will contain everything a calendar should plus a whole lot more. We’re digital, you’re digital.  Keep you’re calendar of everything Scituate up to date. Everyone should be happy! Link to us.

4. Steaming Facebook feed. Naturally real time posts from our readers to keep you what’s happening in Scituate. 

One area that we keep hearing mentioned from our Facebook readers is they want to see less advertisements on their stream and in our group. This is something that we take seriously and are considering a reduction in those posts or possibly eliminating all together. Something to consider.

 As we grow we’ll add other areas of interest. Maybe local hiking, biking and walking trail info.  Music, we love music and many of you do too. With the recent facelift of the Harbor Gazebo, more music needs to be played there. We’re working on a upcoming Free summer series for 2016.  Stay tuned.

Most importantly, You tell us what you’re interested in, anything that you want to discuss?  Should we take a poll?  We’re interested and will possibly add to our site. Last but not least we could use a couple of reader writers. Is there something that you’re passionate about in Scituate? You could have a series here. Nothing crazy long, time is important to all, but it’s up to you.  Short or long we’ re interested in speaking with you about your ideas. Let us know.

Until then,

Thanks for joining Scituate Monthly!