#28 Thrill of the Grill

Back by popular demand. Here you go to the folks that have asked again that we post this up again.
So for all you garlic bread lovers out there.
Mix 1/2 cup shredded italian cheese blend, 2 Tblsp softened butter, 1 grated garlic clove, i love this, so I use 2. Comes out really strong. If this is your first time try 1 to start and adjust from there.
Add pinch of salt.
Half 1 loaf of french bread lenghtwise and place cut-side up on a sheet of foil. Spread the cheese mixture on top. Form a packet around the bread. Leave some room for the steam. Grill over medium heat for 10 minutes. Open carefully and crack open a couple of ocktoberfests from boston beer and enjoy again.

PS:  if you have a crowd double everything to use the other half of the bread.
When u do, invite me over Please!


# 27 Thrill of the Grill-Billy’s Brusseta

So u want my secret family brusseta recipe? Well forget about it yet again. It’s an old family recipe, it’s a secret and I’m never telling. So if u want a taste, than come to our next neighborhood gathering. U should make it soon maybe August 2015 perhaps? It’s all about the home grown tomato season. The winter season is finally here, right now we’re into bread puddings, port wines and stout beers. Come spring we’ll be switching into early tomato season planting. Then finally tomato season, so if u want a taste then Maybe see u at the next party?
Looking forward to it.
All the Best!