# 26 thrill of the Grill – spiced Potatoes

You gotta love anything potatoes. This is 2 recipes in 1. So here’s version one. Salt roasted potatoes. Combine 2 cups kosher salt and 2 sprigs chopped rosemary on a sheet of foil. Bury 1 1/2 pounds baby potatoes in the salt mixture and form a loose packet. Grill over medium heat, cover, and grill for 45 minutes.

#2 Same as above but replace the rosemary with 1/4 cup of curry powder, cajun seasoning or my fav. Old bay. Everything else is the same.
Dont burn the fingers when opening. Crack open a couple frosty cold ones and enjoy.

Ps. Ive got a few more really good grilling potatoes coming up in a couple weeks. So check back again.


Scituate and Snow

So where’s the snow? We know everyone that lives in New England loves the snow or you wouldn’t be called hearty New Englanders. That term isn’t thrown around lightly, now is it? Since we’ve not had much to write home about around here, there’s still time to cast your vote. Our contest is easy, just pick the date that Scituate receives 1 foot or more of snow. 1 person per date and you get 1 guess too. A real nice prize for the winner. The fine print, you must be a member in good standing on the {FB} group Scituate Monthly. Pretty easy. Looking forward to seeing your guess.