Scituate Monthly is back 10-3-14

Hey everybody,  We’ve been away for a while again as you may have noticed. We’re apologizing again for the missed posts that you’ve all complained about. Some much more loudly than others. The personal messages (no names), the personal messages have been  mostly heartwarming to read, some of the messages are absolutely crazy to down right nasty. We’ve done a double take.

We understand the frustration, we really do. Rest assured that if we decide to take off time again to figure our next moves we’ll announce to our readers in advance. So the reason you might ask is why the time off. 2 reasons really. First, We wanted to determine if blogging was really what we wanted to do for Scituate. I mean we’re utilizing Facebook as the short form and thats working. Yes, we can’t do a deep dive into subjects but hey do we really have time for that on fb? My own attention span is about 10 seconds.

We come to realize that long form writing has a different style and timeframe, its the timeframe that we run into an issue. Life, kids, wife, mortgage, jobs did I say life, well you know what I mean. There are a million things that get in the way. But the bottom line is we think talking about stuff in Scituate is deeply important to all of us.

We’ve come to determine that we’re in. Totally in for the long haul. Instead of posting everyday we’re starting out to 3 times per week. It’s still a large investment in time. We’re going to be looking for guest bloggers to help out. Making time is the issue and we think that we have that covered.

We will be coming back strong. Scituate Monthly Strong.

The second reason is we wanted to determine if the need was out there for Scituate. What was decided is that we will refocus our ideas back onto our town. We were getting lost blogging earlier. When we started we were going in 100 different directions. We are now going to focus on our town and the events and ideas wrapped around our town.

The following list are the areas that we’re going to re-focus on here.

Our town, restaurants, grilling, beers, yes I said beers. If u know me – you know I like beer, weekend adventures, local road trips, events, local businesses, charities and some other fun stuff thrown in to keep u on your toes. We will be bringing you a few contests, we tried on Facebook with some decent success. We’ll be trying them here too.  In addition,  We tried an on-line calendar of events. That didnt pan out as it was hard to set up with iphones. We’re going to attempt that again in the coming months.

Some Up and coming news. We’re adding a enewsletter attached to a, wait for it,- wait for it. A new spanking Website.
(insert applause here). We’ve been harassed err I mean asked that is, to add the newsletter and the website many many times. So now we’re working on it. Both will bring more in depth coverage for our readers. Many folks have relayed messages that now might be the right time for it.

Our enewsletter will focus on 4 areas.

1. A Business Spotlight- which will focus on 1 business per month. Full article around this particular business, the business will be offering some sort of special or discount only to our readers. There will be links back to the website, contact info etc. for each business.

2. Local pictures highlighting our town.

3. Points of interest events that are upcoming and ongoing in town.

4. Sponsors- yes we need sponsors.

We really believe that now is the time to start these projects. We strongly believe in privacy and will not resell your email address or any info shared with us.

Questions or comments please let us know in our comments section below.

We look forward to being back!