Kiss a Canine Gala – Sponsored by Riva Restaurant 11/21/13, 6PM

To all of the animal lovers in the Sci, Coh,Marsh, Nor areas there’s a great event upcoming for u!

RIVA Restaurant is sponsoring a fabulous evening of wonderful foods, live entertainment and live / silent auctions all to benefit the ” Kiss a canine”  Puppy Doe fund. You remember recently about the puppy in the local area this past Aug. Who was serverly mained resulting in the death of the young dog.?  This was a terrible event which effected the Tandorfs owners of Riva Restauant.
The Gala will be held a The Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Village on Nov. 21, 6 pm. Tickets  are $75.00 per person and can b purchased via email : or personally call Kara Tondorf at Riva 781.545.5881.
ALL proceeds, 100% from the event will go directly to MSCPA’S law enforcement and advocacy programs.

The Tondorfs hope it’s a sellout for this wonderful charitable
event and they hope to see u there.


Thrill of the Grill ~ Potatoes with Bacon

Everyone loves bacon, this guy included. So here’s a good one. Toss 1lb. halved baby potatoes, 1 chopped bacon slice and a pinch of salt on a sheet of foil. Add 2 Tbls. water and form a packet with room for the steam. Grill over medium high heat for 20 minutes.
Pop open 2 Harpoon Octoberfests and enjoy.
Bacon, potatoes and beer. What could be better?

Suburban Dad with Kids – Saturday Oct. 19

So a  recent conversation had the other day while climbing the rocks out by the light house with a couple other dads and a boatload of kids.  What should the town do with the old pier 44 building.? It was purchased with the intent of saving the building and land from developers. Then utilizing the building as a senior citizen / community center,

Neither of these ideas have managed to come to fruition. We know that the monies used to purchase the structure were granted from the MBTA with restrictions, but come on. This building needs to see some action. Maybe the town should sell off the land and at least gain a revenue stream and or to boost our tax base.?

 Maybe  the town should send out an RFP to the towns people for input in what should be done with the facility. The facility boasts a killer view of the harbor. Add a screened in back deck and  you could  rent out that facility for Town wide functions. We could also use it as a base command for all of the winter storm related news trucks that need a spot to park and broadcast.  We could serve Dunkin Donuts coffee and food from the many establishments in the harbor and make a killing. 

What do you think we should do with the building?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Thrill of the grill ~ Spiced Potatoes

You gotta love anything potatoes. This is 2 recipes in 1. So here’s version one. Salt roasted potatoes. Combine 2 cups kosher salt and 2 sprigs chopped rosemary on a sheet of foil. Bury 1 1/2 pounds baby potatoes in the salt mixture and form a loose packet. Grill over medium heat, cover, and grill for 45 minutes.

#2 Same as above but replace the rosemary with 1/4 cup of curry powder, cajun seasoning or my fav. Old bay. Everything else is the same.
Dont burn the fingers when opening. Crack open a couple frosty cold ones and enjoy.

Ps. Ive got a few more really good grilling potatoes coming up in a couple weeks. So check back again.

Scituate Food Pantry needs your help

With the days getting shorter and the holidays quickly approaching please don’t forget about the our friends and neighbors who might b struggling to keep food on the table for the family.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Scituate Food Pantry this past Sunday during their open house. Thanks to the Scituate Free Masons group for loaning out their basement space to the Scituate Food pantry. It’s a great space. I had the pleasure meeting a woman named Mary who gave me the full tour and discussion. We talked about the pantry’s mission, hours and the consistent needs for the ever increasing foods needs for the community. Did u know that the pantry works with all religous organizations in town? Did u also know that the pantry helps to suppliment over 200+ people with food every week?
Mary who’s been volunteering at the pantry for over 10 years
mentioned that the needs now r greater than ever.

The next time you’re out shopping or having a party invite your guests to drop off 3-5 canned items when they stop over. You can then drop them off at any number of locations around town, any of the churches or directly at the pantry. Please help to keep our friends and neighbors in your heart. Donatr a box of food today.
Thanks in Advance!