Sept. 19 – Moon phase: Full Moon

Moon is 100% full (Full Moon) at 7:13AM, Sep 19
· last New Moon was 7:36AM, Sep 5
· next New Moon will be 8:35PM, Oct 4
[all dates & times in Eastern Daylight Time]

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#19 Thrill of the grill- Billy’s Brusseta

So u want my secret family brusseta recipe? Well forget about it. It’s an old family recipe and it’s a secret!  So than come to our next neighborhood gathering for a taste. U should make it soon because home grown tomato season is going fast. The fall season is almost here and I’ll b switching gears to bread puddings, port wines and stout beers. Maybe see u at the next party?

Vacation over

Our vacation is over and it’s time to get back to posting again. We took some time to regroup, to reset the internal calendar. We’ve determined what we liked, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Along with these items we now have a better handle on upcoming post segments and a itemized list of really cool scheduled articles. We also have some guest bloggers lined up with interesting local blogs to keep us entertained. We will continue to discuss food, the thrill of the grill, BBQ, local resturants, beers, road trips, travel, weather highlights, kayaking and throw in anything else that strikes our fancy. We will narrow our local focus primarily to The South Shore of MA. While adding more about Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard. We will as usual link to our sister page, Scituate Monthly ~ Our Town (fb) group.

Please add some comments , good or bad. If u want to see anything different, let us know in the comments section. As usual we answer all notes and comments promptly.

Thanks for stopping in, We hope u enjoy the ride.