#18 Thrill of the Grill – Grilled Porkupine

Grilled porkupine now thats what Im yaking about. Before you can grill it you gotta catch it and Thats where the thrill comes from. There’s a couple ways to come home with a large fella if u follow the instructions. Instructions? who said anything about instructions. Ok so here we go.
#1 Snare trap: lay out a rope with a noose tied into it. Throw the long end over a branch and tie it off to a large branch. In the middle of the noose on the ground spread some chocolate bars around. Now go hide and wait for a critter to come along. Wait some more. Maybe an hour, maybe 2,3,4 hours . Who said catching critters was easy. If it were everybody would be doing it. Still no luck. Now your getting hungry. Leave your hiding spot to sneak down and pluck 1 or 2 of the candy bars from the snare. You end up eating 4 maybe 5 of the bars. You say to yourself , no worries these r candy bars for some varmit. Munch munch munch. Don’t put your foot into the center of the snare because if u do. Snap you’ll catch yourself. So, u inch your foot into the trap, just because. Nothing, so you inch further, still nothing, inch further and further, still nothing. What the heck, how can I catch anything you say to yourelf, So u look over and discover that the other end of the rope is not tied off to anything. WTF? So u tie it off to another branch, slimy chocolate hands which you manage to get some sort of knot into it. Maybe now you actually might catch something. By now you’re getting hungry again, youre so hungry you could eat tree bark and thats what you’re going to do if you don’t catch something. So, now you’re tied off, you hear some loud noise, over in the bushes. You freeze in place. The hair on the back of your neck is standing straight up. You move your head ever so slowly to look around, you look over to the east, they always say look toward the east. So east it is. East and what do u see? A small brown mouse scurring about. Oh my god, You take one step and Wap, the next thing you know your’e looking straight down at the ground. Arms flailing about, whole body spinning round and around. You try and reach up to the noose round your foot, just can’t quite get there. Either from all the beer or the candy bars, candy bars it is. Now what as you spin round and round. Slowly you stop spinning, but your mind is still spinning cause you need to figure a way out of this mess. You look over and there before your eyes. A large ground hog is heading straight towards you and the rest of the candy bars on the ground. He’s munching away and you reach out to grab him but your too far off the ground to reach him. Man are u f*@#$d. So u yell at him, the hog runs off. Your not spinning anymore but your heads pounding as the blood rushes to it. You reach into your pocket and pull out your cell. Now you’re trying to think, do I call my wife or a buddy? Hmmmm. Who is the lesser of 2 evils. Meaning who’s not going to talk about this to Everyone for EVER. Uh, hello honey, can you help me out here. After some quick explaining u click off the line. As you’re trying to put the phone back into your pocket, it slides out and thud on the ground.
Next thing you know there’s that (your) ground hog chewing on the cell phone, now your screaming, your heads pounding and because your wildly flailing your arms your starting to spin again. The ground hog is next to the tree and is now chewing on the end of the rope, the chocolaty rope while nawing on your expensive cell phone. Whap, next thing you know your laying on the ground with a sore back and what looks like a broken arm. As you look practically crying not from the pain but how you’re going to nab that hog. As you gaze over thinking about who your going to call now, because of your arm, you spot the ground hog flat on the ground. While he was enjoying your phone he must have been zapped by the battery. As you untie the rope from your ankle a car horn sounds, you’re standing in no time flat holding your ground hog in 1 hand and the rope in the other, right before the wife pulls up. As the window rolls down, u hear nice hog honey and u casually respond easy catch.
That’s how u catch a critter for the grill!


# 17 Thrill of the Grill: Billy’s Burgers

It’ s finally here the official start of summer. But who can tell me they havent been working the grill for the last few months if not year round? Here today we’re going to talk Burgers and 2 of my favs. Depending on if u want to cook out or in, totally weather related. Plus between sandwich and burger. So we’re talking Patty melts. Which are the sandwich-burger of our dreams.
This version is of a classic patty melt in the pan. It features a number of items. 1. Caramelized onions, I suggest Vadilla because of their sweet unique flavors. 2. Thousand island dressing, which is a combo of ketchup, mayonnaise and chopped pickles or relish. You can make your own if your a purest. These two flavors together will knock your socks off.  Servings 4. Ingredients
Onion 1 med. size, thinly sliced.
For the patty melts
1 pound freshly ground chuck, (at least 80% lean, a.k.a. 80/20)
1 tblsp. onion powder
1/2 teasp. salt
1/2 teasp.  freshly ground black pepper
1 teasp. garlic salt
8 slices deli-counter American cheese
8 thick slices rye sandwich bread ( with or without seeds) up to u.
1/2 cup thousand island dressing, plus more for dipping
4 tblsp sweet salted butter, softened
2 tblsp olive oil
  * Heat the olive oil in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan on medium heat.
Add the onions slices
stir briefly to coat with oil and cook, 6 minutes stir 1 time. Cook another 4-5 for total of 10-12 minutes or until browning.
Transfer to a paper lined plate to drain the oil and cover to keep warm.
Drain the excessive oil from the pan.
In a small bowl mix the s and p, the onion powder and garlic salt.
Now make 4 good size burgers, generously sprinkle the mix over both sides of ea. burger.
Now fire up the grill or stove, I ptefer the stove. Return the same large pan and add the burgers. Cook on side 1 for 3 minutes at medium heat.
While cooking butter 1 side of all slices of bread. At the 3 minute mark or if the burger juices are oozing from the top of the burgers, give them a flip. Cook on side 2 for 3-4 minutes for medium rare to slightly medium. Now in 2 batches lay down in the pan 4 slices of bread. Add 1 slice of cheese to top each burger. Check the bread slices to make sure their not burning but r browning well.
Remove the bread and replace with the remaining 4 slices. Add the remaing slice of cheese to each top of bread slice. Cover grill or cover pan to steam everything for 1 minute. Check bread making sure its not burning. If so remove carefully. All cheese should have melted. Remove all from pan. I like my bread really cooked with crispy edges but thats up to you. Bread on bottom, add onions to each. Spoon 1 or 2 spoons of dressing to each burger, I also add catchup. Add the top slice on with the cheese on it. I normally cut the burgers in half for easy dipping in the extra sauce. Have extra napkins handy as it gets messy. Now thats a patty melt!
Crack open a couple of frosty craft beers and enjoy.

Scituate Recreation Sailing to raise funds


Help us to keep our kids ” On the Water” this summer and next spring, We need your help to raise funds for Scituate Recreation Dept. and High Sch. Sailing programs. Do u know that this is the first yr. (ever) that our coastal town has had a sailing program at the high school level? Do you also know that the Same boats r probably the ones that your kids or you or your parents started sailing way back when they learned to sail through the Rec. Dept. Programs.
Our 2 fleets r in serious need of major TLC. 1 fleet is over 50 yrs. old. Our ongoing campaign is to replace the very old sails that r in desperate need. No more duct tape please. Our next fundraiser is a concert June 14 at the River Club in Scituate.
If you can’t make it to the concert, please consider a small donation. Everything helps and will keep the kids out of trouble and “On the Water” this summer. Thank You for your support! Here is the ticket info:image

Craft Beer at it’s Finest: Oncemade Beer

Now this is cool made right here in our backyard, MA. You’ve got to check out Oncemadebeer.com. They are two guys who are really doing it right. It’s a Pintly Project, Oncemade Beer delivers to its customers a pairing of 2 single batch beers from local artisan brewers once a year. No joke Jack, only 1 batch will ever be brewed, so you have to act fast. The last batch made was 2 saison beers from Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer. One’s a red and the other is a pale ale. Both were barrel-aged over local raspberries and in local red wine barrels and California brandy barrels.
Each package contains 2 bottles, a hand numbered pinewood box, including a signed letter from the brewers, plus 2 hand made wooden coasters and an actual piece of the barrel. For this batch less than 900 packages were put out in the marketplace last October. So get out there and find yours quickly. For more information,
http://www.oncemadebeer.com. Also check out the video.
I’ll be pre-ordering mine very soon.

#16 The Thrill of the Grill: Something New

So today we’re talking grilling but not what goes on the grill but the grill itself. The season is starting to heat up (pun intended) and folks across the land r pull out the trusty grills for the new season. Here we’re going to discuss and maybe drop a hint or 2 about replacing that old rusty hunk of metal for something shiny, new and that actually works correctly. Fathers day is coming up and all, just sayin.. So for dear old Dad head on out to your favorite local hardware store or if you must the big box chain store. Consult with 1 of the guys around the grills. There r plenty of grills to choose from and this is the tricky part because theyre going to ask you what amount of BTU’s u need. To be in the safe zone get more than whats needed. To find out whats needed you’re going to have to slyly seek the answer from the grill master himself. Remember slyly. Also you may want to determine if he wants a side burner, for all the manly sauces for his grilled masterpieces.
Ok so now u go armed with the answers to the store. Pick out the grill. But the greatest part to the whole experienced is to have the grill assembled and ready to rumble upon unwrapping on Fathers Day. A shiny new grill with a full tank of propane, now thats a Fathers Day gift worth remembering. 1 last thing, wrap up a cold 12 pack of his favorite craft beer and all will be right with the world.
Have fun! He’ll enjoy that gift for years to come.

Scituate First Friday night June 7 th.

Come on down to the Harbor this Friday to enjoy June’s First Friday night. There’s alot going on. I here from a good source that the Front St. Gourmet is having a beer tasting with over 10 local craft breweries. Such as Clown Shoes, Berkshire Brewery, Toms, Cisco Brewery and many more from 5:30 to 8 pm. I love local craft beer, so save me a space.
Hope to see u there!

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Scituate Recreation Sailing Fundraiser June 14

Hello Scituate Readers “Did you or your kids or maybe even your parents learn to sail through Scituate Recreation; if so; guess what?? The kids today are still using the SAME boats. Did you also know that this year our coastal town has the first EVER High Sch. sailing program? Both groups r using Our hardy fleet of Mercury’s which r about 50 years old and in need of some major TLC; this is one of the needs to keep the Sailing Program thriving here in Scituate. Help us keep our kids “on the water” this summer and summers to come. Join us for a great cause to help raise funds to support the Scituate Recreation and High School Sailing Programs while enjoying a great night of music. Hope to see everyone there!