Beer tasting at the Dog Watch, Scituate Inn

So if you know me than you know I like beer. And what’ s better than beer? Free beer!  But not that plain old beer that you get from most places, I’ll not name names, bud. Any way, I had the opportunity the other night to visit a great spot down in Scituate harbor and you know where I’m talking about because they were on the news most every weekend this past winter with a major nor’easter or low pressure surging out of Canada or some other combination storm dumping heavy snow with howling winds blowing transformers left and right leaving Scituate in the dark many days and cold winter nights. Ok, this may be another story for another time.
Back to the beer tasting.  We stopped into the Dog Watch at the Scituate Inn for their monthly beer tasting. This months selection was Berkshire Brewing Co. craft brewers out of South Deerfield (Western) Mass. Berkshire brews 17 varied styles from their brewery, their known as a small batch brewery who are committed to producing clean, fresh well balanced ales and lagers, nothing artifical, no chemicals or preservatives. So the inn chooses the brewer and the tasters choose which beer from the tasting will be the beer on tap going forward, a great idea as we r the tasters and rate them accordingly.  Hence the best one wins the coveted spot to be on tap. There were 4 beers to the tasting and each came out in a little plastic cup. My early suggestion and 2nded by the crowd at our table was pour a heathly glass of beer for each taste. A small sip or two does’nt do the beer justice. This isn’t wine we’re talking,  this is beer, GDIt, very complex tasting going on at our table. With that said we need a glass full or at least a glass with 4-5 sips worth to inspect the flavor of each variety. We also had our tasting notes paper. Another suggestion, our table was full of suggestions, the tasting note paper should be large with lots of room to actually rate the beers.The rating chart should have the a QR code on the sheet or at least links back to the bar and brewery for more info, newsletters or special discounts for participating in the tasting. Maybe get invited to the brewery for a special tour or something, win a hat, who knows its a win win for everyone. Ok, enough marketing speak, back to the beers. We tasted 4; Steel Rail Extra pale ale, Lost Sailor India pale ale, Maibock lager and Deans Beans Coffee House Porter.  Now the tasting from our table was lets’ say not very scientific although we did discuss in great detail each round. Our table consisted of 2 woman who admitted weren’t true beer drinkers, more winers, wine-os er wine drinkers, yea that’s it. But they did enjoy themselves and rated along with the 3 guys who all said that they were true beer drinkers, craft beer drinkers that is. So an interesting mix of tasters. Each armed with their sheet for tasting and rating.
#1. Steel Rail didnt bring it home for any of us. It’s a light colored, medium bodied ale with a slight hop flavor and aroma. It rated an Ok from 5 out of 5 tasters at our table. 2 people said that because of the light taste they could drink more than 1 at a sitting. Good ? Bad ? Not sure? For me only ok. Next up Lost Sailor, an IPA, for me deffinetly lost somewhere, not for me and the rest of the group it rated middle of the road. You have to enjoy hops as this one has the hops.
Next was Maibock, a seasonal beer. Sweet and spicy combination, creamy richness with a nice balance. Our table gave it high marks. It def worked for me. Last up was the Deans Beans. The women loved it, said it would make a great breakfast drink, not sure what that says about my tasting companions but it got high raves from a few at our table. Me personally, i couldnt drink more than 1 or 2 at a sitting. Very much too coffeeee for me. Its a rich dark ale. Its a good porter thought just not for me.
So there u have it. Another tasting in the books.  I give them a very good rating. The nothing artifical and their founding philosophy ” It’s all about the beer, but beer is nothing without the people” that does it for me. So, come mid summer planning on a road trip out to western mass. Maybe see you there! We can try out a few more of there beers and rate them too. BTW! Every taster that night recieved a beer glass for their ratings. Another beer glass was heard from the women, oh great, adding to the collection.  So the Next time you see a tasting down at the Dog Watch come on down. As the warmer winds start to blow u can step out onto the patio and listen for the waves and smell the clean ocean air while enjoying a beer from the 6 taps at the bar.
Now, this is beer!

Ps.: Berkshire Brewing Co.
Or phone, (413) 665.6600.
Tours Saturdays only 1 pm sharp.


Thrill of the Grill series

#8 This week we’re talking Chicken specifically Jerk Chicken wings.
Toss 6 split chicken wings with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and 3 teablespoons jerk seasoning on a sheet of foil. Form a packet with room for the steam. Grill over high heat, turning 1 time, 25 minutes. Remove from heat top with cilantro and serve with lime wedges. Save a few extra lime
wedges for your icy cold beers.

Craft Beer in Vermont- Hey Shaun Hill I’m coming for you!

If u know me, than u know I like beer! Not any beer, but craft beer. Many of my friends and reletives like beer but not the way I like it.  Sometimes I hear the term beer geek bantered about. But hey, no worries, I’m only searching for a good beer! 
I was out recently talking beer with a few buds and
that’s when I heard about Shaun Hill and his brew at Hill Farmstead. Anyone that brews with coffee, chocolate, citrus, tropical fruit, raisins or dare I say bananas, now you’ve caught my attention. Shaun Hill, I’m coming after you or more specifically coming to your brewery after your beer.
They say that anyone that does it the old fashioned way, not taking short cuts earns his stripes, well Shaun welcome to the club. Even for a young 34 yr old up in Greenboros Bend, VT. Taking short cuts isn’t his style and that may propel him into a long term career. Shaun has some more traditional beers coming out of his grandfathers once dairy farm now turned into a brewery.  The Hill farm homestead has been in the family for over 8 generations. And we’re glad its still in the Hill’s possesion. Otherwise these great brews would’nt be bubbling out. So, what Im after is the rare 750 milimeter bottles only sold at the brewery.   Such as Ann, the wine barrel aged saison brewed with local wild flower honey and ripe bananas or Earl Oatmeal Stout, brewed with raisins, coffee and chocolate. Yes, I love that combination, All different but extremley delish. So, as I’d mentioned earlier, Shaun I’m coming soon and I’m looking forward to the ride up to VT. to pickup a just reward and maybe chat about the chocolate. See u soon.

Hiking at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset

Looking for a great way to burn off some of those winter Lbs. or in my case (read gut) from the multiple snow storms this past winter? If the answer is yes or no “liar” than head on over to the Holly Hill Farm for a late winter / eary spring farm tour and trail hike. The farm consists of multiple trails spread out on over 130 acres of woods and fields (stay out of the crop fields Please). The trails r mostly easy and there r maps by the barn and entrance. The farm is open 7 to 7. Unless there’s an early morning or evening program going on. Holly Hill is not your typical farm only farm, they’ve got all sorts of scheduled events all year round. If you want to get your hands dirty they can always use an extra pair of hands for the many farm chores. They may love your help and keep you around to do more, but you’ll love it. Head on over and spend some quality time outdoors and in the fields. I did and loving it, come on by!

And speaking of Beer – Beer tasting at the Dog Watch

And speaking of beer, no? than go away, (just kidding). This Thursday nite at the Dog Watch is their monthly beer tasting featuring this month a surprise. No really, its a surprise beer. The tasting commences at 6 pm and lasts till about 8 pm. Stick around after  usually for some lively music. But remember the next day’s a friday and most likely you’ve got work (ugh)! The beer usually consumed becomes the next beer on tap for the following month. Hope to see u there this month!

Ps. If for some unknown reason I don’t make it there and u do, please report back with the surprise beer and your comments from the night.
Thanks,  Scituate Monthly
Double Cheers!

Thrill of the Grill series is back

#5 This week we’re talking olives specifically spicy olives.
Toss 1 cup mixed olives , 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes and 1 minced garlic clove on a sheet of foil. Form a packet. Grill over medium hot heat, turning often for about 15 minutes. Crack open a couple of frosty ones and enjoy.

Let us know in the comments section below, your thoughts on this one?