2012 coming to a close, 2013 a new beginning.

2012 was the year that i started Scituate Monthly ~ Our Town’s face book group. The many people who have joined directly or are friends of friends receiving invites to join are many more than I ever thought would come on board. I hope we continue to grow in the months ahead. Our group has had some growing pains but im very happy as a result of the types of posts, pictures and comments presented by everyone taking time to communicate to the group and the community at large. 2012 was also the year that in addition to the FB group we also started Scituate monthly’s sister group our Scituate Monthly blog. I’ve only started to scratch the surface on the blog. I’ve spent much time and effort on the fb group but in 2013
It will be a more concentrated effort to really make both the blog and the group page come alive. Asking more folks to join in on the conversations. Sharing and cultivating more posts, comments and pictures that will drive constructive conversations within the community. Scituate, a vibrant small coastal town with a lot to say and many cool things going on. So many new and exciting paths confronting us. Changes in the very core of our political make up, building and facilities master planning, major national events shaping our school systems, vibrant civic and community groups to local events making our town what it is now and moving forward towards a brighter tomorrow.

As i sit here and type this article, the wind is howling, I can hear the waves pounding the shore and with it the many houses that line the coast. I hope that they survive another night of this storm in no worse for ware. With another coastal low pressure system approaching on Friday into Saturday. 6 to possibly 8 inches of snow coming our way. Our coastal community will survive but we need to speak up to protect our town from the impending storms, mother nature, the political landscape or from local to national events shaping our lives.

Please join me in a toast to 2012 and a great beginning for
2013 and beyond! Please continue to speak up with posts of
local events, thought provoking articles, jokes, pictures,
civic group needs to the latest beer on tap at the inn and comments to keep Scituate Monthly ~  Our Town moving in the right direction down the path that makes us who we are here in our great town!
Please forward us out to your friends near and far, we’re all about Scituate!

Thanks to our groups for listening and actively participating!
Bill Blake


Stranded turtles

A beautiful day for a walk on the beach. Maybe start to shed some of those eating and drinking Lbs. from the last couple days, maybe! While your’e out for that walk If u come across a turtle on the beach, because this is a bad year for wayward turtles, dont think that their dead. Or even worse, think it’s a good idea to throw it back into the ocean. Most of these turtles r hypothermic, they’r stranding themselves and we dont know why. This is the best course of action.
Call the New England Aquarium directly. They have a hotline set up at 617-973-5247; either they will head to the scene, or they will ask local animal control to help out. In any event, the animal will be delivered to Quincy for rehab where it can begin the long and expensive road to recovery.