June 1 Grilling in foil #1

We will showcase on a weekly basis some great items to whip up on the grill including foil packets and lots of other recipes from our files and guest posts.
Grilling in foil takes grilling to a whole new level. It’s so easy and you can grill just about anything. Jump in and give it a try.
Making the foil packet
1. We recommend using heavy-duty foil, but a double layer of regular works just as well. Once you’ve mastered it try single layer packets.
2. Lay out a large sheet about 12 to 15 inches. On a flat surface.
3. Place your ingredients in the center of the foil. Bring the 2 short ends of the foil together and fold twice to seal the packet.
4. Now fold in the sides leaving room for stream and seal together.
5. Ready to place on the grill.

#1 Garlic Shrimp

1 cup chopped parsley.
2 garlic cloves minced.
Mix 1/2 stick softened butter and above 2 ingredients together, plus pinch S and P.
Combine with the juice of 1 whole lemon. No seeds. Once all mixed together.
1 lb. Unpeeled large shrimp.
pinch of red pepper flakes or a couple shakes of old bay seasoning.
Divide into 2 packets the Grill over high heat for 8-9 minutes.

Serve with crusty french bread with more butter and a couple frosty Sam Summer beers.


June 1 2012

This is our first weekend post. Please share us with your friends. We are looking for guest posters, so if you know of anyone or would consider writting posts yourself, please shoot over a request. We look forward to all comments.

Greetings Scituate Readers ~ Looks like a beautiful weekend is coming our way.

The tail end of the week and it couldn’t be more pleasent. A lot happening in Scituate and surrounding towns over the next couple of days. The harbor will be in action as everyone is preparing for boat launches.
Here are a few last minute events if u have the time and the money.

FRIDAY 5/18 Ducks Unlimited Minot chapter is holding their annual May dinner and auction at the beautiful and well respected Barker Tavern http://www.barkertavern.com 6 pm.  A few tickets are left. Contact Mike Crosby 617.653.3676  or the ducks website for more info.  http://www.mlcdu.org

This week and weekend ,the South Shore, Cape and the Islands are holding the ongoing beer tasting and beer dinners at many local establishments. Check around for the events. (Sorry to say I can’t get the link to stick here).

As we move forward many more events and goings on will start to populate here and the facebook group site. Go check it out and add anything that’s on your mind.  Scituate Monthly ~ Our Town. Forward the site to all of your friends. Let’s get some conversations going.  What’s on your mind?

Hope to see you around town this weekend!
Bill and our team